Frequently Asked Questions

Can my young child remove the Alert Me Band on his own?  Can I make self-removal impossible, regardless of age?
Yes and YES!  When worn the ‘Childproof Way,’ it is nearly impossible for a young child to remove the Alert Me Band on his/her own.  If your child, under 5 years old, is able to remove his band himself when worn correctly within 3 days after receiving the band, please contact us for a refund (or simply use the included locking tie). That is how confident we are that the Alert Me Band is the only wristband in the market that is nearly impossible for a young child to remove on his own when correctly worn the ‘childproof way.’  Most adults cannot remove the band on their own when worn the ‘childproof way.’  You can follow the ‘Extra Tip’ and use the included Locking Tie to make it impossible for anyone, regardless of age, to remove on his/her own. Please watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to wear our Alert Me Band the ‘Childproof Way’ and/or with the Locking Tie.

Childproofing your Band: To make it nearly impossible for a young child to remove, fasten the band on the wrist of the child’s preferred hand with our logo facing away from your child; so that the child sees the logo/text upside down and you see it right side up if you are standing in front of your child.  Apply the included velcro strip to keep the excess band tucked away and to prevent your child from loosening the band in an attempt to make it larger to slip it over the wrist. The band should be snug, only a pinky finger should be able to fit in between the band and the wrist. When worn snug on a child’s preferred hand, it is nearly impossible for a child to remove the band without assistance; when the band is worn snug it takes more than one hand to get enough leverage to unhook the clip.

*With the addition of this extra tip, it will be absolutely impossible for anyone, regardless of age, to remove on their own (of course unless scissors are used!)! Please first adjust the band for sizing.  
Extra Tip: Put the band on your wearer’s wrist with the logo facing out, upside down to the wearer.  Once the band is on the wearer’s wrist and it is comfortable, take the included locking tie and thread it through both loops (the loop that the hook goes through AND the loop that the band creates from going through each slits of the clip). After you thread it through, simply zip it up and cut off the excess.  The band is now permanently affixed to the wearer’s wrist until you cut it off which you can easily do when you need to remove the band to adjust sizing, clean it, etc.  Click here to purchase extra locking ties and velcro strips to purchase extra locking ties and velcro strips should you need additional. 🙂

Use Velcro Included: To childproof your band or to keep the excess band tucked under, simply use the included Velcro strip to keep it in place. Adjust the band snug to your child’s wrist to get proper sizing. Line up and match the strips, one on each side.  Firmly press down.  Please watch the above video for a visual of how the velcro should be affixed to the band. 

For Easy On & Off: To make it easy for adults or older children to put on and take off their band themselves, fasten the band on your non-preferred hand’s wrist with the logo/text facing you so that you can read it.

The clip is meant to be permanently affixed to the band so please do not cut it off because the detached clip could be a choking hazard to young children.  You should not be able to pull the clip off of the band; at any point should you be able to remove the clip, contact us immediately and we will send you a replacement at no charge.

What if my child has a very small wrist?
Not to worry!  The Alert Me Band is one size fits all and is guaranteed to fit your child’s small wrist perfectly with room to grow! Because it is adjustable it will fit a small child to an average size adult wrist (<7.5 inches) comfortably.

Is this wristband only intended for young children?
No, not at all! Any age from toddler to adult can wear this one size fits all Alert Me Band.  Any person can benefit in an emergency situation by wearing the Alert Me Band that will communicate to a First Responder your family member/friend/guardian’s telephone number.

Can I add my (child’s) name or address to the Alert Me Band?
No.  Child safety advocacy agencies recommend not identifying your child’s name on any article of clothing or accessory because the negatives outweigh the positives.  We abide by their recommendations and agree that it is not safe to indicate your child’s name on their band (or any other article that they wear for that matter) because a predator/stranger with the wrong intentions could use his name to trick your child into thinking he ‘knows’ him. We believe our method of only indicating generic titles “mom, dad, grandma, etc.” is all that is needed to assist the good-willed adult or First Responder to help a child reconnect with his family should he get lost or to alert family of an emergency.  It is also not recommended to include your child’s address; you would not want someone to take your child to your home for safety reasons.  Priority #1 is that the numbers listed on your band are called ASAP, you can then determine if you want to give out your address learning of the situation.

Is the Alert Me Band obvious to others that it contains emergency contact info?
Great question!  This is one main motivation behind creating this band in the first place…the competition does not do a good job with its design of standing out in general and certainly not as an obvious indicator that emergency contact info can be found on the band.  For example, one major competitor’s design is a velcro wristband that contains emergency contact info on a little label that you hand write your information, this label is located inside the wristband meaning you would have to know to remove the band from the wrist, flip it over and pull out an insert to find a phone number.  Our band uses the bright safety yellow call out with “Alert Me in case of Emergency” clearly indicated on the front center of the band along with two contact names and phone numbers.  Also we designed this band to be adjustable so that in Winter months you can wear it on top of your outercoat because again the band can communicate important information but only if it is visible, obvious and easily noticed.

What is the Alert Me Band made of?
Our bands were designed, keeping those with tactile sensitivities in mind, to be smooth, lightweight and comfortable.  The Alert Me Bands are made from the highest quality of polyester webbing available; they are flexible yet strong and durable, about .6 inches thick and 3/4 of an inch wide, breaking strength is 6500 pounds – so no your child cannot chew through it:-). Think of a pet leash but with superior quality making the texture very soft and smooth which is how we can achieve such clear images. The designs and customizations are not printed, we use heat to transfer images to the band. This results in a tatoo-like transfer that will not peel or crack. The clip is designed and manufactured by Alert Me Bands; made from high quality food grade stainless steel and is permanently affixed to the band.

How do I clean my Alert Me Band, can it get wet?

The Alert Me Band is very durable with strong fibers that will hold up over time even after long pool days.  Yes, the Alert Me Band is water safe, meaning that water will not affect its quality or function (it just might not dry as fast as a water repellent rain coat).The bands can be washed regularly to keep them looking great! Simply use dish liquid soap and gently rub the entire band in a circular motion with your fingers, one section at a time. Then rinse and let air dry. The most important thing is to be gentle, if you use anything rough to clean the band the tiny polyester fibers could begin to get fuzzy which would cause the letters to be difficult to read. Be gently and use only your fingers:-) After 3-4 months of daily use, you should expect to replace your band, not because you can’t read the info but because with constant wear and tear the band won’t look as vibrant as it did on day 1, like anything else that has constant use:-)

What payment do you accept and what is your return policy?
We accept all major credit/debit cards via our secure site.  Because our bands are personalized all sales are final and we are not responsible for the error or omission in the personal data entered by our customers; however if we made the error please let us know and we will send out a replacement or issue a refund.

Is there a sales tax?
Only if you live in Georgia will there be sales tax.  In accordance with Georgia state law, we collect sales tax that is shipping to a Georgia resident.  Georgia sales tax is currently 7% and will be automatically added to your total.

How long will it take for me to receive my Alert Me Band?
We work hard to create your unique bands just as quickly as possible.  In-house customization can take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days depending on a number of variables including the order volume on the day you placed your order and additional customization requests. Once your band is completed we will ship via USPS and an email will be sent to you with tracking information.  Please see below for estimated transit times.

What are your shipping costs?
We ship standard USPS First Class Mail; Flat Rate of $3.95 for U.S. delivery destinations which could take anywhere from and estimated 2 to 8 business days to arrive; Flat Rate of $11.95 to Canada, United Kingdom/Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia which could take up to two weeks for delivery.
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